Do you want to improve the athletic ability of your athletes?


  • Stronger “Core” for functional “game strength”
  • Safely strengthen growing ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Reduce the chances of non-contact sports injuries
  • Improve your athletes’ mental toughness and self-confidence
  • Develop powerful hips and legs (important in ALL sports)
  • Have them “in-shape” BEFORE the season starts
  • Character development to not just be a better athlete, but a better person
  • Improved multi-directional speed and body control
  • Periodized year-round speed, strength and conditioning program
  • Simple nutrition for unstoppable performance and finishing strong!
  • Faster acceleration and deceleration
  • Reduce body fat and build lean functional muscle


Athletic University (Athletic U) is an After School AND Summer athletic development program designed to improve functional athletic abilities for 11-17-year-old athletes. 


Each athlete starts with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.  We not only assess performance based tests (long jump, pull-ups, shuttle run, etc); we also assess movement patterns, balance and coordination to identify movement deficiencies. 


Athletes will learn and practice functional agility drills specifically designed to improve hip mobility, foot speed, coordination, spatial awareness, coordination, balance and multi-directional movements.


Our exclusive progressive strength-training system quickly and safely develops “raw’ strength to improve your athletes game strength.


During “Team huddles” your athletes will receive valuable sports nutrition tips for maximum performance AND motivational nuggets for successful living. 

After School Training session starts August 10th - September 3rd. 

Athletes will meet Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday mornings from 10:00am-11:30am, that's over 12 hours of elite level coaching and training for only $99.


This is an excellent opportunity for pre-season and off-season athletes to start preparing for their upcoming sport. 


Registration Deadline: Monday , August 8th. Space limited to 12 athletes per age group, so that your athlete gets adequate personalized insturction and coaching. 


See what your child/athlete will experience below.


       Schedule Highlights


6:30pm – Dynamic Warm-Up / Team huddle

6:45pm – Mobility, Speed & Agility drills
7:20pm – Break / Transition
7:25pm – Strength & Conditioning
7:55pm – Warm-Down / Team huddle

8:00pm -- Dismiss


6:30pm – Dynamic Warm-up / Team huddle

6:45pm – Strength & Conditioning

7:20pm – Break / Transition
7:25pm – Mobility, Speed & Agility

7:55pm – Warm-Down / Team huddle
8:00pm – Dismiss



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