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"I've had this coat for 3 years and have NEVER been able to get the zipper above my belly button. 


I've tried every diet and quick fix solution out there and NOTHING worked for me.  Now 5 weeks after training with you and Michele, I'm 11pounds lighter and can zip it up all the way! 


Thank you so much!" B.C.- Dedicate Client, wife and working mom.  (She was in tears as she told my wife and I this story)


"I had a thorough Physical the other day (including an EKG Heart Scan) and my Dr. told me I have the heart of a healthy 16 year-old!!" 


       -45 year-old mother of 3 & dedicated coaching client



"When I started personal training with you I weighed 172 pounds. Today, only 8 weeks later, I'm 20 pounds lighter!!!"  - Executive, busy mom, AND a Dedicated Metabolic FItness Coaching Client.


Her Husband Likes What?!

Other "gyms" don't do this...

As the only 100% Fitness Coaching Service Provider in West Georgia, you NEVER have to worry about what exercises to do or what to eat.


Our Certified Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches provide the blueprint. All you have to do is follow your nutrition plan (not diet) and show up at least 3 days per week.


Depending on your goals, motivation, schedule and budget, we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in one of three ways:

1) Personal Fitness Coaching (1 on 1)
2) Small Group Fitness Coaching
3) The Ultimate Fitness Camp - Voted West Georgia's #1 Workout


We are a 100% fitness coaching service, so your workouts will always be effective and efficient. 


We want YOU to succeed, so our coaches will invest a lot of time teaching and coaching you proper movement patterns and exercise techniques. That way you can work hard enough (safely) to get the result YOU deserve!


Now this is your defining moment... 

  • Do you want to regain your self-confidence?

  • Lose excess body fat?

  • Look and feel better?

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If you're looking for a quick fix, no hard feelings, but we can't help you.


On the other hand, if you're ready to improve your quality of life, look and feel 10-15 years younger or perhaps feel sexy again, then schedule your consultation today by calling 770.783.9635 or sending an email to Results@MotivationalFitness.Net.


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David Jenkins CSCS, RKC 2

CEO and Founder, Motivational Fitness

Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning Coach

Wellness Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

Motivational Fitness

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